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Dfsr-Wn Series Mvr Roots Steam Compressor Blower for Mechanical Vapor Recompression

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Main Products: roots blower, centrifugal fan, MVR roots steam compressor, roots vacuum blower, multistage centrifugal blower
Model No.: DFSR-WN Brand: DICHENG Place of Origin: China
Packing: Fumigation Free P...
DFSR-WN series MVR Roots Steam Compressor Blower for mechanical vapor recompression 
MVR Roots Steam Compressor
Our company's MVR roots steam compressors have been developed with air capacity from 5 m3/min to 130 m3/min. The maximum pressure difference between inlet and outlet is 58.8Kpa to 80Kpa. 

Dfsr-Wn Series Mvr Roots Steam Compressor Blower for Mechanical Vapor Recompression

Specific parameters are shown in the following table:
ModelAir capacity
Differential pressure
Rotating speed

1. The air capacity in the table is measured when the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet is 40Kpa. The maximum allowable pressure difference of the actual MVR compressor can be:
A- FSR-250WN, FSR-300WN, the maximum allowable differential pressure is 60Kpa
B- FSR-100WN, FSR-125WN, FSRSR-200WN, FSRSR-250WN, the maximum allowable differential pressure is 80Kpa.
2. In the table, rotating speed is the recommended value. Don't try to exceed the range.

MVR steam recompression principle
MVR (mechanicak vapor recompression) is an abbreviation of Mechanical Steam Recompression Technology. MVR uses the secondary steam generated by the evaporation system and its energy to upgrade the low-grade steam to the high-grade steam heat source through the mechanical work of the steam compressor. An energy-saving technology that provides heat energy to the evaporation system so as to reduce the demand for external energy. In theory, the MVR technology saves more than 80% of energy compared to traditional evaporators, saves more than 90% of condensate, and reduces footprint by more than 50%.

MVR process drawings
The following MVR process drawings are for reference only. According to the evaporation solute, the process is also different.

Dfsr-Wn Series Mvr Roots Steam Compressor Blower for Mechanical Vapor Recompression

MVR roots steam compressor features
Dfsr-Wn Series Mvr Roots Steam Compressor Blower for Mechanical Vapor Recompression

Shell: The inlet adopts spiral type. When the impeller rotates, the gas enters the shell through the spiral line to form a circular cavity, thus reducing the pulsation of the blower.
Material selection 304/316L/2205/HT200+Ni-P

Rotor: Three-leaf or two-leaf type, compound type line, Impeller area utilization factor 0.5, volume efficiency increases 5%, noise reduces about 5dB
Material selection 304/316L/2205/HT200+Ni-P

Wallboard: The surface is provided with a backflow groove. This structure can increase the compression ratio of the blower and can also help reduce the noise of the blower.
Material selection 304/316L/2205/HT200+Ni-P

Mechanical seal: Double-faced container-type mechanical seal, moving ring using silicon carbide or graphite, static ring using carbide steel, easy installation and maintenance, special design structure, use more reliable.

Bearings: Positioning bearings are NSK bearings that are imported from Japan.

Gears: High-precision grinding gears are used to reduce mechanical noise, and the accuracy reaches level 5 of the national standard GB/T10095-2008.

Common Problem Solution of FSR-WN Roots Steam Compressor 

1. Corrosion
1) Optional SUS304, SUS316, SUS329 stainless steel. SUS304 and SUS316 are used for relatively
 small conditions of temperature rise. SUS329 stainless steel is used for high temperature and
 severe working conditions due to its small thermal expansion coefficient and good corrosion
2) Cast iron can be used to add Ni-P coating or Teflon coating. The advantage is that the coefficient
of thermal expansion of cast iron is much lower than that of stainless steel, which can effectively
 prevent the rotor from being locked up during rotation.

2. Sealed form
Sealing forms include: 
multiple labyrinth seals,
Double shaft seal (VITON oil seal prevents oil in the mailbox from entering the side/main housing, Viton seal),
Air blowback seal,
Machinery Seal,
Such as, a variety of flexible forms of sealing combination, can guarantee the compressor under positive pressure or negative pressure working conditions, in water vapor or alcohol vapor and other different media environment, the seal can be long-term effective and reliable

3. Cavitation
1)The peripheral speed of the control rotor is 30 m/s lower than the peripheral speed at which no cavitation occurs at present.
2) Adopt SUS329 stainless steel with good cavitation resistance.
3) The inlet of the Roots steam compressor is sprayed with an appropriate amount of spray water to control the outlet temperature.

MVR Project

Dfsr-Wn Series Mvr Roots Steam Compressor Blower for Mechanical Vapor Recompression

Production Workshop

Dfsr-Wn Series Mvr Roots Steam Compressor Blower for Mechanical Vapor Recompression

1. What's the information should I provide when inquiry?
A: Air capacity
B: Pressure
C: Application
D: Use environment(Temperature, atmospheric pressure)
E: Do you need motor?
Or other specials you give us will be more appreciated. 
2. What is your warranty?
Our warranty is 12 months after received the roots blower. During the warranty period, replace the damaged parts for free of charge. Out warranty period, to provide timely, high-quality technical services and price concessions spare parts to ensure continuous safe and high-quality equipment operation.
3. How long is the service life of roots blower?
In normal use environment
A- Service life of blower is more than 10 years.
B- Service life of Impeller is more than 60,000 hours.
C- Service life of bearing is more than 30,000 hours.
D- Service life of gear is more than 60,000 hours.
4. What is your terms of packing?
A: Generally, we pack our goods in Fumigation Free Plywood Case. If you have legally registered patent, we can pack the goods in your branded boxes after getting your authorization letters.
5. How does your factory control product quality? 
We have quality inspection department. Before sending out product, we check each product. If there is quality problem, we will produce new one.
6.What are your terms of payment?

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